Risco RS 274 + RS 279

The system for high speed production of sausages with synchronized hanging unit

The Risco Frontal Linker System provides a quick and accurate way to produce sausages, hot dogs, frankfurters, chorizo and other types of products. The Risco continuous vacuum fillers of the advanced series gently and accurately portions the product on a belt system that equalizes the product and casing flows, and conveys them to the RS 279 hanging conveyor unit in an precise and controlled way. The speed at which this process takes place ensures a high production rate is attained so as to facilitate the hanging of the product being portioned onto the sticks for cooking, smoking, seasoning, or further processing. The Risco Frontal Linker System ensures a significant increase in productivity, thus leading to a competitive step towards production automation.

Main Features

  • Reliable process with precise hanging of the product

  • Uniformity in weight and length of the portions

  • Easy programming of the rows for be hanged

  • Reduced costs due to less manual intervention required

  • Optimization of the space into cooking or smoking ovens

Technical Features

  • Product length: 1000 mm max

  • Portioning speed: 700 pcs / min

  • Casings diameter: 18 – 42 mm