Risco RS 260 + RS 280

Effective twisting and in line cutting production system, for even portions in weight and length

This Risco sausage line consists of a servo-driven continuous vacuum filler, the RS 260 twisting unit and the Risco RS 280 in-line cutting system. The filling pipe automatic release movement grants a most efficient line and in increased production. The casing stick  is loaded onto the pipe in a quick way, consequently the filling pipe can easily move into the filling position. As next next step and without any manual intervention, the row of sausages is gently conveyed to the cutting module. This ensures a marked separation of the sausages, leaving identical and precise portions, neatly sealed at the ends. Above all the automation of the entire process results in a significant reduction of non-productive times and a reliable production of excellent fresh products.

Main Features

  • All the production steps in a compact line

  • Maximum precision in the portion separation

  • Consistent production results

  • Tried and tested product separation system

  • Utmost flexibility in changing product diameter and length

Technical Features

  • Product length: max 1000 mm

  • Portioning speed: 700 PPM

  • Casing diameter: 18-42 mm