Scansteel Defrosting / Çözündürme

How to defreeze pre-ground or crushed frozen meat- and poultry blocks as well as frozen blocks of bones in minutes (NOT hours!) Frozen blocks directly from the freezer down to minus 30°C, before pre-grinding/crushing is not a problem with the scansteel foodtech® vacuum defrosting method and scanDefrost technology.

DEFROSTING: scanDefrost Series

The scansteel foodtech® scanDefrost series has made production logistics much easier, as the meat raw materials to be further processed is taken directly from the freezer without time consuming storage in tempering rooms or other thawing facilities.

Main advantages with the scansteel foodtech® scanDefrost Series:

  • NO driploss

  • The method is gentle to the meat and does not cause any denaturation.

  • Does not cause any discoloration.

  • All the valuable binding properties of the meat are maintained.

The benefits in general:

  • Simple logistics and production planning due to processing directly from the freezer.

  • Substantial savings in time, floor space and energy.

  • Better yield, no drip loss, no evaporation.

The benefits with specially formed products:

  • Substantial energy- AND costs savings by avoiding defrosting completely.

  • No need for CO2 or LN2 cooling gas (savings of up to € 100 per ton of meat raw material produced)

  • Up to 100% increase in mixing equipment efficiency.

  • Up to 50% savings in space and electrical energy.