Scansteel ContiPump

ContiPump 250/500 L - 10.000 L

The scansteel foodtech® ContiPump series is for less Heavy Duty applications such as, but
not limited to, pet food premixes being fed into an emulsifier as well as for various buffer/
storage/silo applications. The buffer hopper comes in two versions: a single feeding screw
or a twin screw hopper, where one screw feeds/drives the ContiPump and the other prevents/
limits bridge building.

ContiPump 4000/250 Twin Screw

The scansteel foodtech® ContiPump series has been designed in such a way that the unit can function as a stand alone pump or, as shown above, can be designed to fully be integrated as part of an integrated solution with the scansteel foodtech® ContiPump and the scansteel foodtech® mixer series. In order to secure full hygiene solutions as well as having full access to both the mixer(s) and ContiPump for inspection/maintenance. The scansteel foodtech® ContiPumps can be placed on a “rail system” which makes it fully possible for a person to separate the ContiPump and mixer. At the same time, during production, the ContiPump is secure in “running position” in such a way that the ContiPump cannot be moved.

scansteel foodtech® ContiPump series comes in many different infeed hopper designs. Below shows a ContiPump 250 being fed by a scansteel foodtech Mixer/Grinder for pet food snack manufacturing.

ContiPump Solution for Pet Food

Delicate pumping of finished pet food product, such as but not limited to paté with chunks.